Set up Password-less Logins with your PGP Key

PGP Key Setup Instructions

You can sign in on without relying on any external providers by signing a challenge with your PGP key.

1. Link to your PGP key on your home page

On your home page, link to one or more PGP keys and add the rel="pgpkey" attribute to the links.

This may look something like the following:

<link rel="pgpkey" href="/">

2. Sign in on

Make sure to click "re-scan" if you've previously signed in before and have just added your key.

When you sign in, you'll see a PGP option listed! Clicking it will present a challenge that you will need to sign with your private key.

Sign the text and replace it with the signed version.

GPG Tools

If you have GPG Tools for OS X installed, you can use the "Services" menu to quickly sign the text.


If you use gpg from the command line you can sign a text message with the following command.

$ echo '(challenge text from' | gpg --clearsign --armor

If you are using you can sign it on the command line with keybase pgp sign -m '(challenge text from'

3. Submit the signed text

Paste the signed text in the form field and click "Verify".

After the server verifies the signature matches that of your public key you chose, you will be signed in!

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